VTVT September 16, 2020 events

Vet to Vet Tennessee have two special events scheduled for September 16th at 1100 at Vet to Vet Tennessee’s new office located at 403 Tellico Street N, Madisonville, TN.

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The first event is to present the Republic of South Korea’s Ambassador for Peace Medal to Air Force Korean War Veteran Walter Price.  VTVT has partnered with Monroe County Veterans Service Officer Andy Boyd and The Monroe County Buzz to help us identify Korean War Veterans.  The Buzz published a front page article about VTVT’s Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal program on July 18, 2020.

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2020 Community Urgent Needs Grant

We are grateful to announce that Vet to Vet Tennessee received a 2020 Community Urgent Needs Grant in the amount of $10,000.00 from the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee on August 21, 2020; this is our third grant from Trinity since 2018. We are truly blessed and honored. The funds will used for our Veterans and School Student Suicide Prevention Program.

Part of the funds will go to the Monroe County School District Vet to Vet TN “Worth It” program which we hope will resume in Spring semester 2020.  The remaining funds will be used in other local schools or school districts.  Please find attached is the August 21, 2020 confirmation letter signed by The Very Reverend John Ross, Chair and H. Lee Martin, Ph.D., President. Thank you Chairwoman Emily Hager for preparing the grant proposal.

Trinity’s mission is a healing ministry of Jesus by serving the body, mind, and spirit of our community.

VA partners with OnStar to bring suicide prevention services to Veterans with the push of a button

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today it is partnering with OnStar’s emergency services to improve access to suicide prevention resources for Veterans.

This partnership will offer Veterans in crisis the opportunity to be transferred to around-the-clock, confidential support via VA’s Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) when they use the emergency services button in an OnStar-equipped vehicle or OnStar Guardian smartphone app.

“The VA-OnStar partnership aims to promote suicide prevention and reduce deaths by suicide by providing additional resources to Veterans,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “This partnership will help Veterans access suicide prevention support services and assistance directly and immediately. More than 400 VA suicide prevention coordinators and their teams, located at every VA medical center, connect Veterans with care and educate the community about suicide prevention programs and resources daily.” 

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The NEW VA Rx Refill Mobile App

The NEW Rx Refill Mobile App: You can request refills of your refillable VA-issued prescriptions, track VA prescription deliveries, view VA prescription history from the convenience of your mobile device.

Four ways to refill your VA prescriptions during the pandemic:

  1. Online with MyHealtheVet 
  2. The NEW Rx Refill Mobile App 
  3. Call your local VA Pharmacy number on the prescription label
  4. By mail: VA Refill Form
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Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019

We are proud to inform you that President Trump signed H.R. 886 – Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019 on August 8, 2020.  This will provide approximately $20 million dollars to the VA and Homeland Security to help over 600 Veterans Courts throughout the country.
Not sure about the details but we a excited that our President and Congress recognize the need.  The Act mentions the Country has over 600 Veterans Courts in the Country.  Note: Justice for Vets has trained over 250 Veterans Treatment Courts, so there are many others who do not use Justice for Vets program.
When we (Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council and Vet to Vet Tennessee) started in 2013 there were less than a hundred VTCs and only 83 VTC trained mentors.  Thanks for all of your support and prayers.

Coronavirus: What Veterans Need to Know

Our call centers and some VA health facilities are experiencing very high numbers of calls. To help us address the most urgent needs first, we ask that you use our online tools for routine or non-urgent questions. The CDC defines COVID-19 as a new type of coronavirus. If you have a fever, a cough, and shortness of breath, call your VA medical center before going to a clinic, urgent care, or emergency room. You can also send your doctor a secure message. Contacting us first helps us protect you, medical staff, and other patients. Concerns about COVID-19 can be stressful for many people, and it’s understandable to feel anxious. Let VA help. We have answers to your questions.   Learn more

TN Governor Bill Lee Recognizes teen suicide as a state health crisis

On February 3, 2020 TN Governor Bill Lee signed HJR 0001 “Statement of Intent or Position – Recognizes teen suicide as a health crisis in Tennessee.”  This bill was originally introduced on November 7, 2018.  In which time the rate of TN suicides surpassed the national rate according to YRBSS definitely qualifying youth suicide as a crisis.

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