Vet to Vet Tennessee & Council’s work recognized

Dr. Andrew Sexton visiting with WWII POW Robert Chadwick.

January 10, 2018. The Council received the following email from the VA Knoxville Outpatient Clinic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Sexton recognizing the Council and VTVT for their service and sacrifice in FY 2018. Below is two paragraph’s from Dr. Sexton’s email.

Thank you for all of the tremendous accomplishments in 2018, reflecting the enormous commitment, dedication, and vast number of hours of hard work expended by yourself and all of the Council members and partners in serving our Veterans.  As you have said many times, the VA cannot do it alone.  The vital role the Council serves in our community continues to expand in suicide prevention training and mental health, as well as in newer areas, with the Women’s Health Council and the expungement clinic being two great examples.”

“The energy, dedication, and enthusiasm, coupled with the consistently high level of strategic planning, attention to details and execution, and professionalism with which you have tackled each of these projects and the core Council functions and meetings are extremely impressive and have been and will continue to be sources of inspiration to me as I serve Veterans at the VA.  When I joined the VA, I was in search of a greater sense of purpose and calling than in my prior employment, and I am so blessed to have found that many times over through the opportunities here.  The Council and your leadership are constant reminders of that blessing.” Dr. Andrew Sexton

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