2019 Freddie J. Owens Memorial Award Nomination


    Nominee First Name

    Nominee Last Name

    Title (if applicable)

    Company Name or Organization name (if applicable)

    Nominee phone

    Nominee Email


    Nominator First Name

    Nominator Last Name

    Nominator Title (if applicable)

    Nominator Company Name or Organization name (if applicable)

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    The questions below have been developed to guide you in the presentation of your nominee. Please answer which you feel apply.

    In what ways have the nominee's community activities focused on enhancing lives and/or strengthening the veteran/military community?

    How has the nominee contributed to advancing accessibility and inclusion in the veteran/military community?

    How much time and energy has the nominee invested in veteran/military community service?

    In what ways has the nominee shown perseverance in the pursuit of veteran/military community service in the face of obstacles and/or challenges?

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