2020 Freddie J. Owens Memorial Honor

The Freddie J. Owens Memorial Honor recognizes two women for their valor and commitment in serving throughout the community particularly towards other Veterans. For this award, two women are selected, one a Veterans and one a civilian, that have been actively engaged in outreach for the year. The recipients for the year 2020 are:

Mrs. Wilkerson and Mrs. Stoutt-Brown both play integral parts in suicide prevention for both youth and Veterans. Mrs. Wilkerson works in providing mental health care with Helen Ross McNabb for Veterans as well as having a role in the “Worth It” play. Mrs. Wilkerson is a Veteran herself and demonstrates the same honor, courage and commitment instilled when in services. Mrs. Stoutt-Brown was selected as the civilian recipients for her time, dedication, and excellence in writing and directing the “Worth It” play. Her expertise and personality were necessary for the program to be conducted with such excellence. In previous years, the awards had been presented at the Women Veterans Summit, however with current societal circumstances a large gathering was not recommended. Therefore, the recipients were presented with the certificate, a trophy, and a check to honor them. Vet to Vet Tennessee is extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of these two women, and we look forward to the next “Worth It” play, which both Mrs. Wilkerson and Mrs. Stoutt-Brown are eager to participate in. In the midst of a global pandemic, Vet to Vet Tennessee is happy to wrap up the year 2020 with presenting the FJO Memorial Honor and opening the Robert “Bob” Hatley Veteran Services Center in Madisonville Tennessee. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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