Helping Hands program giving away shoes and school supplies to kids in need

As the time to head back to school approaches Rio Revolution Church in Maryville Tennessee is giving away free shoes and school supplies to thousands of kids in need; actual attendance was over 8,250 with 670 volunteers.  The Rio Revolution Church is a proud member of the Military Chaplains Association of America’s /Military Friendly Congregation and conducted their 14th annual “Helping Hands” program.

“One gentleman who is a grandfather, was leaving the group after I spoke and he turned around and he looked at me and said ‘if it wasn’t for this event these grandchildren would not have shoes because my daughter is in prison’,” said Pastor Pacer Hepperly Rio Revolution.  “He said thank you so much for just doing this.”  Continue reading “Helping Hands program giving away shoes and school supplies to kids in need”

Ticket Specials!

One goal of the Women Veterans Summit is to bring women veterans from different generations together to celebrate and support each other. As women veterans are the fastest growing group of veterans, we hope to bring the college-aged veterans in to prepare for their futures in the VA. Also, we can all relate to each other in many ways from careers to families. To encourage registration, college students attendance is FREE with presentation of ID on the day of the event. Please still register to be added to the food count.

Original ticket cost is only $20.00. We do currently have an Early Bird Special on sale now for $15.00. Please take advantage of this sale at registration.

Network Establishing Reunions!

Welcome Home Mr. Henry Hunter Jr. from Fountain City, TN! We at Vet to Vet Tennessee had been reached from Lombardy, Italy about a WWII American Airman dog tag found in wooded, mountainous area of Italy. Through our partnerships with the Knox County Mayors Office and one of our Veteran/Military Friendly Congregations Fountain City United Methodist Church, we found Mr. Hunter’s family, and Mr. Hunter was a B-17 pilot that crash landed in the river in Italy during WWII. “He and his crew made a raft using the wing of the craft, and they floated down the river until they met up with Italian partisans who assisted them in returning to American forces.” Such an honor to assist in bringing an artifact home from our soldiers and inform his family within 24 hours!

Registration OPEN


Registration for the Freddie J. Owens Women Veterans Summit opened July 4th! In honor of opening day, we handed out fliers and beads at the Farragut 4th of July Parade alongside other veterans of the Knox County area. Thank you everyone for the wonderful time and please help us spread the word about the event. Tickets are available under the Registration tab and also on Facebook at There are also many avenues to donate and help us celebrate our women veterans!

Happy 4th of July

We pray God’s blessing over you as our nation celebrates Independence Day.

May the grace of God bring peace, love, and hope to our country, your church, and your community.

We pray you have a joyous day with your family and friends.

14th Annual Korean War Reunion Luncheon

This past Monday on June 25, 2018 Korean War Veterans from around East Tennessee joined together to enjoy lunch and to honor each other. 68 years have passed since the Korean War, and it is still referred to as the “forgotten war” as it is not often discussed. Knoxville Area Korean Association (KAKA) and Vet to Vet Tennessee partner to honor these veterans for their service and sacrifice. Some veterans were presented with the Ambassador for Peace medal issued from the South Korean government as a token of appreciation for defending their freedoms. Continue reading “14th Annual Korean War Reunion Luncheon”

Freddie J. Owens’ Women Veterans Summit Announcement

June 7, 2018.  East Tennessee Military Affairs Council (ETMAC), Knoxville, Tennessee

This morning during the monthly meeting, Knoxville Regional Council Co-Chairwoman & Women Veterans Committee Chairwoman Emily Hager and Knoxville Regional Council Member & Women Veterans Committee Co-Chairwoman Cindy Winterberger announced the Inaugural Freddie J. Owens’ Women Veterans Summit scheduled for October 4, 2018 at Redemption Church International in Knoxville.  The concept was developed by Freddie Owens and Ed Junod on March 19, 2018, just 10 days before Freddie passing.  Freddie faith, spirit and legacy will never be forgotten!  God bless you Freddie.

Redemption Church Recognizes Women Veterans

March 4, 2018  Knoxville, Tennessee

Freddie Owens scheduled a Women Veterans Recognition event for Sunday March 4, 2018.  The women were advised, the room scheduled, new women badges were designed and pizza was order.

But something happened to jeopardize the event, Freddie was taking to UT Medical Center on March 3, 2018.  No way was Freddie going to cancel the event because he was in ICU.  Freddie telephoned church members Emily Hager, Bill Richards and Gary Corea to confirm the event would proceed.  He telephoned the pizza company to confirm the food order and asked Ed Junod to support the event.  Freddie always completes his mission.  Here are the photos from the event.  God bless you Freddie.